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Kaitlyn's Imagination Has Run Wild
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Wednesday, March 5, 2008
There are times, more often than not recently, when I would love nothing more to go up to some people (in particular one) and punch them right across the face. Just to let them know that they're ... how can i put this so it's PG? ... oh I can't... bugger... well how about that they're a big friggin' beezy busy-body.

Yeah... I really don't like this person. Can't stand them at all. They're worse than a Miranda, and trust me that's bad.

The worst part is, that I pretend to be on friendly terms with them, just to spare my other friend's feelings because I know what it's like to be in between two bickering friends. Gosh, I hate it when my stupid moral values get in the way.

Dang you moral values! (as kristin would say...) Dang you to heck!

Sigh... High School has way to much drama for my liking. It really does... but or on that another day.

Maybe tomorrow...

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