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Wednesday, April 2, 2008
Every Fifteen Minutes
Every Fifteen minutes someone dies from something related to alcohol. Whether it be from drunk driving or from alcohol poisoning.

Today and tomorrow at school we are going through the fifteen minute process. Today every fifteen minutes a heart monitor flat line sound is echoed throughout the school to symbolize someone dying from something alcohol related. A student is pulled out of their class and an obituary is read to symbolize that person dying.

Also, an assembly was held today that showed the total effects of an accident due from someone driving under the influence. And of the students that played the parts, I know most of them from my classes.

This way of informing students about the consequences of drinking I believe is extremely effective. There are times throughout the day that I have almost been succumbed to tears myself, and thankfully none of my friends have been taken, that I know of.

Today and tomorrow are going to be very emotional days for not only myself but many students, and hope that many will learn the consequences of drinking.

The lesson today - Don't drink if you can't be responsible. Don't drink and drive, for you might just not only kill yourself but the lives of innocent people.
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