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Wednesday, April 2, 2008
Every Fifteen Minutes - Reality Check
In response to my mom's post about my reaction after I got home today from school, I can say for sure that it is 100% genuine.

At the beginning of the day I was confused until my first period teacher explained what was happening, when they first played the heart beat followed by the flat line I thought that the PA system was malfunctioning, as it still does that every once in a while. I didn't see The Boy (as mom calls it) after first period but I normally don't so no major concern. My heart was pounding none the less during second period that maybe one of the times that the heart went off was The Boy or The Best Friend being taken away. I first found out that The Boy hadn't been taken during first period when I asked the guy I sit next to in Math (who happens to be in the Boy's class) if anyone was taken during his class. He said yes. Then my heart plummeted to the ground that was until he said that it was some girl that he didn't know. I was instantly relieved it wasn't one of my friends. THANK GOD. The assembly was right after second period and both me and The Boy have math the same period, in the same building and our classes where sitting next to each other during the assembly and The Boy was no where in sight. The entire two ours my eyes constantly darted throughout the crowd seeing if he had just gotten lost in the craziness that was in the mess to get out to the assembly and I had found all my other friends there I knew that they weren't any of the ones taken. Except for him. Through out the day, every fifteen minutes my heart dropped. Knowing that it could have been him. That it might be his call to death, and I feared every time the door might have opened to tell us that one of our class mates had died. Fear carried with me throughout the entire day, but never have I felt more scared than did I feel the moment that I realized that The Boy wasn't in French class.

I had just spoken to him the pervious day and laughed while we talked about how The Best Friend and her ideas contradicted ours, we we're having fun arguing about that. Then we went to our Eagles for Earth meeting and ended up talking about his college choices and everything else that he has to look forward to in the upcoming year. We we're studying for our competition on saturday and ironically enough joking around about drinking and driving.

The moment that The Best Friend and I were out of the French class room we frantically dug through my backpack looking for my phone the only chance we had to know if The Boy was one of the victims. I think I messed up dialing the number twice before I finally got it right and called him. When he didn't answer his phone, that's when the tears started, after all, our teachers had said we wouldn't be able to contact the victims in any way, including by cell phone. The Best Friend and I raced to our Science Olympiad meeting knowing that his brother would be there and he'd have all the answers, still hoping that he wasn't one of them, because he couldn't be it was frankly impossible for him to be, it could never be one of my friends. Right? His brother didn't show up for a good fifteen minutes after both me and the best friend had gotten vaguely hysterical. We had thrown ourselves into our projects trying to distract our minds and emotions from what we were feeling, so much we didn't even notice when his brother came in. The moment it clicked that he had we rushed up to him, demanding to know where on EARTH The Boy was. He told us he was at home catching up on homework, preparing for his Senior Portfolio that is due on Friday. I felt an huge weight lifted off my shoulders and my eyes started to worry, this time no longer in fear but in huge relief. The Boy walked in about five minutes later where he strolled in, not knowing what on Earth had happened today at school and I promptly told him,

"I'm mad at you." several times. He asked why and unable to find the words myself The Best friend said it all for me.

"Because she was scared something had happened to you."

The Boy looked confused.

"You mean about the thing today?"


"Well there's a cemetery you know. In front of the school. You could have checked there."



"You should be."

After that we didn't really talk about it we just hugged and went on back to normal meeting life. The constant bickering at each other and so on. It wasn't until after the meeting when The Boy had left and me and The Best Friend started walking home that we The Best Friend and I started talking about how scared we were when we figured out that The Boy wasn't there. How mad The Best Friend was that The Boy wasn't there,(and she's not particularly fond of him to begin with) and made her so scared and so worried that she started freaking out during class whenever she got stuck on a word that The Boy would usually help her remember.

After The Best Friend went inside her house and I started to walk home I started to cry, really cry. I called my dad to come get me because I knew I couldn't walk home in that state, let alone by myself. When my dad picked me up that's when I couldn't stop crying for a long time. I was practically bawling and there where times throughout the day after I had gotten home that I burst into tears. You should have seen me with the weed eater, I cute the grass with great furry, trying to feed my emotions through that weed eater.

When I talked to Mom about it later I bust back into tears. I think I might again tomorrow at that Assembly. In fact I'm sure I will. Because I can't imagine what I would do without him. Let alone anyone else.
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  • At April 2, 2008 at 11:35 PM, Blogger liz said…

    you do realize im close to crying now? oh gosh, im sorry you started crying after leaving my house. :( that assembly tomorrow's gonna be awful...

    ~The Best Friend (btw, on a lighter note, i like my name. ^_^)

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