Kaitlyn's Imagination Has Run Wild: March 2008
Kaitlyn's Imagination Has Run Wild
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Monday, March 31, 2008
Prom Part III
Dress has been bought! as of yesterday! YAY! It's really pretty and has that ball gown feel to it as well! Which I really like! So prom is this Saturday, same day as my, as well as one of the people I'm going with's, Science Olympiad competition. ACK! craziness... so that means I don't get to go get my hair done or my nails done, and I have to do them myself. *tear* well there is always Senior Ball! Hopefully the competition wont be on the same day as Senior Ball as well next year... cause then my luck would just suck. ALOT. yup. but I love my dress, it makes me feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast! Which is AWESOME! What is even more awesome, the girls that I'm hanging out with (Alex and Kristin) the three of our dresses put together make the primary colors! we all laughed when we figured that out. Kristin = red Alex = blue and I = yellow! So it's fun-ness with that! Other than that I've been busy working on homework and getting grades higher. :D yup it's been great around here.
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Wednesday, March 5, 2008
There are times, more often than not recently, when I would love nothing more to go up to some people (in particular one) and punch them right across the face. Just to let them know that they're ... how can i put this so it's PG? ... oh I can't... bugger... well how about that they're a big friggin' beezy busy-body.

Yeah... I really don't like this person. Can't stand them at all. They're worse than a Miranda, and trust me that's bad.

The worst part is, that I pretend to be on friendly terms with them, just to spare my other friend's feelings because I know what it's like to be in between two bickering friends. Gosh, I hate it when my stupid moral values get in the way.

Dang you moral values! (as kristin would say...) Dang you to heck!

Sigh... High School has way to much drama for my liking. It really does... but or on that another day.

Maybe tomorrow...

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008
Life/Church/Prom II
well hello again! it's been a while! And i have ALOT to talk about! YAY!

so since last time i've been somewhat busy! between huge essays and other random projects, like baking a cake for math (i did that yesterday!) and such. Also writing! So far I'm up to chapter 26 and right now working on chapter 27 (that's open in another window right now) of my fanfic What Hurts the Most and I'm very proud of it! I have my many avid readers and fans and I love them all to death!

This past weekend I went skiing with my church youth group up at Northstar and lets just say I had a BLAST! despite falling down and carrying heavy skis an ski boots down the mountain... but whatever... I still had a blast! I'm still slightly sore in that it still hurts to pick up my backpack, but I can handle the pain! Another plus of the ski trip was that my dad went! and after not having gone skiing for... a long time... he went and had fun! although he was in more pain than anyone else by the end of the day, but he loved going!

School wise... I'm doing... alright... been having trouble in Physics but not as much as in the past, which is a good thing! i just got to do my homework now. :D

Prom... gosh I can't believe it's RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! it's about a month away and I still have NO DATE! ACK! and no dress... but that doesn't take to much effort to get... just gotta go to the mall and such. BUT THE DATE! i don't have one... what sucks even more is that since all of my guy friends are Seniors I have to ask them. Yippee. I hate asking guys things like that. *is sad* see... this is why I belong in Ravenclaw, and not in Gryffindor. *sighs* so I'll have to do that soon, and since i missed the dead line for guest passes, it'll probably be David I'll be asking... course I have to do that before stupid, ... ANYWAYS!!! yeah... sigh... and David had been acting well, weird-ish lately ... but I guess I might ask him later this week, I would have done it TODAY, but I can never get any time alone with the guy anymore. Oh woe is me. hahaha.

So Kristin is moving into a new house! Which is so exciting! And sense they're no longer renting that means we get to PAINT HER ROOM! I'm designing it... of course she doesn't know that yet... but whatever. I'm uber excited because since they're still living at their rented house and will be for quite some time... their other house will be empty and that probably means SLEEP OVER IN AN EMPTY HOUSE! YAY! still working on persuading mummy to let us to that, but hopefully it won't take to much effort.

This coming up weekend is the Sr. High Lock-in at church, which I'm excited about! Staying up all night at church with all my church peeps and maybe some other peeps, (if the two of them can get their act together and ask their parents if they can go). Also the theme is Pirates vs. Ninjas so that part is FREAKIN' AWESOME! and one of these days it'll be a Harry Potter theme lock-in and THAT is gonna be awesome-ness!

Other than all that, their isn't much else going on.

Love you all!

oh... and if you have any questions e-mail me!
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