Kaitlyn's Imagination Has Run Wild: November 2007
Kaitlyn's Imagination Has Run Wild
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Friday, November 30, 2007
that's what today kinda is... just blah.

It doesn't help that today is going by rather slowly cause I'm looking foward to tonight.

I mean I'm going to a concert with David (a.k.a. one of the besties) and my mom and my sister and her best friend (Kaelin).

Sigh... stupid school...

It lasts to long.

At least I'll have a buddy to walk all the way home with for once!


That is exciting. Go buddies! Woot


so today's post is just random junk but hey that's cool. It's a post!


Anyways... more about tonight.

So we're all going to Jingle Ball. Which is a concert that is held by one of the local radio staions. And has one of my favorite bands playing! YAY! Fall Out Boy. It's all very exciting. So I'm hoping that it will be as awesome as I think it'll be!

<<3 Kaitlyn
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Thursday, November 29, 2007
My Birthday...

is today! I must say I am indeed excited. :) After all I am turning 16! Whoot! I'ts all very, very, cool.

So this blog, is a thank you to all the people who have given me things, including all the hugs and phone calls and such that I'll do throughout the day.


Pink Poodle stuffed animal and "a star" - David - David I love them so much! i've now dubbed the poodle as Cinnimon (or poody if you're david lol) cause she smells like cinnimon! did you know that? yeah. Thanks David I love them!
My New Converses - my parents ... I love them so much they are so adorable!
My Fudgies - Kristin. OMG Kristin they taste DELIOUS! I love them so much!
Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Kristin - OMG hecka funny! I love it!
Bag and Headband - Aunt Sharon - OMG! I absolutley adore the bag! it's so cute! and the headbead looks so cute too! I love it all!
Harry Potter Blanket - Emma - THANK YOU EMMA! It's so fluffy and soft. I love it!
iPod - my parents - THANK YOU!!! IT'S BLUE AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL! *glomps*
universal gift cards - mom, dad, grammy and papa, and grampa and susu - THANK YOU! lord knows i needed them... (i broke) now i'm gonna go buy lots of cute and adorable stuff! YAY!

Thanks to every body!

<3 Kaitlyn
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
About David
I'm decided that I should start reading a book today that wasn't Harry Potter for once in a long while. So the book I choose is called About David. I was at first drawn to the book as my best friend's name is David, so I'm like "ooh this sounds cool" but now as I've started reading it, it has made me more and more in shock. But I need to explain why.

The main character's name is Lynn, which ironically enough is one of my nicknames, as my name is Kaitlyn. And I feel like I can really relate to her in the first place. She's about my age about a year older than me but has alot of the same things going on in her life. School, extra-curicular activites, a loving family, and so on. Then there's David. He's a troubled kid who always is trying to please his parents who always told him that, "If he got a 90 they expected a 95. If he got a 95, they expected a 100. And if he got a 100 they wanted to know why he didn't get them more often." Now this David isn't at all like the David I know, first of all the David I know can't play guitar.

This story really gets to me. Because to Lynn it came all of sudden almost out of nowhere, she had always known that David resented his parents but she still couldn't imagine that he could do what he did. And nor can I. I'm in as much shock as she is. And even though I'm only on page 44 I feel like I want to start crying. Because if anything like that happened to my David, I don't know what I'd do.

From the back of the book About David:

At first Lynn can't believe it. Her close friend and neighbor, seventeen-year-old David Morris has murdered his parents and commited suicide.

Slowly Lynn tries to piece togeather David's past from the journal he kept hidden. Yet as the diardy draws to a close, Lynn is strangely unwilling to have the mystery about David solved. In order to facer her own future with conviction and strength, Lynn must find the way to confront the reality - as terrible and shocking as it is.


I told my David if he did anything like that... I'd kick his ass.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Fan-Fictions... they rule my life.
Fan Fiction: Also more commonly known as FF or FanFic. They are stories, poems, songs, etc. That are about a cretain book, movie, tv show, manga, etc. They are written by fans of a certain book, movie, tv show, manga, etc. and can be found on many various websites.

This "Fan Fiction" has ruled my life for the past year. Many would call my affair with fan fiction an addiction.

My "drug," Fan Fiction, of choice has been Harry Potter for over a year now. I write it, I read it, I critque it. I'm in love with it.

There came a point last year that my addiction began to seriously effect my life. My GPA dropped from a 3.4 to a 2.1 I had F's in two classes and a D in my AP class. Fortunately for me I was able to pull myself out of my hole before it was to late.

I love fan-fictin with a passion. It hasn't been all bad for me either.

Ever since I started to write and read fan fiction I learned how to improve my writting and reading comprehension. Two things that I had always had difficulty with in the past. And now I am proud to say that I have gotten an A+ on every time write and essay I have written since the start of my addiction. I loev my fan fiction depsite what it has done to my life and hey you know what they say...

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

To view fan fiction written by me visit:

Kaitlyn's Fan Fics
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Monday, November 26, 2007
you would think...
that after a while people, certain people, would begin to realize that when it comes to certain things like family, and people in general, I know what I'm talking about. Yet time after time there are those certain people who just refuse to listen to my advice and instead of making it easier on themselves, they go straight out and do it anyways. Oi. Talk about frustrating. I mean, there is alot of stuff that I'm really stpuid about, but you should know that when I'm giving advice, it's usually good advice, stuff that I've learned over the years...

otherwise I wouldn't be saying a thing at all.

I mean when a friend starts complaining about how she has to go visit family that she probably hasn't seen since she was little and continues to say that they're horrible people, i'm bound to say something along the lines of "How do you know that for sure?" And what I get in response is her complaining and complaining about how I don't know a thing about anything. I said, they're your family, you'll have fun. She said I was crazy and I shouldn't talk about things I don't know anything about.

When she got back, she said she had a blast.

I've continued to give advice to this friend and she continues to ignore it and everytime my advice has been, well, beneficial. So all I can say it that I'm fed up with being told that I don't know a thing about people and life, and now I'm sure that if this continues I'm going to loose a friend.
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Sunday, November 25, 2007
An Introduction
My Imagination has been known to run quite wild. It seems to always spurt out random thoughts, ideas, and even the occasional Harry Potter fan fic. This is a place for me to express how I veiw my life in words in any format that you could possibly think of... not that i'll write in every form but I can be emensilly crazy about how I express myself. Using the big SAT words or the little isty bitzy ones... you'll find it all. And not all of it might make sense but hey like I said my imagination has run wild.
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