Kaitlyn's Imagination Has Run Wild: January 2008
Kaitlyn's Imagination Has Run Wild
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
"Go Grease Lighting!" So tomorrow and thursday are tryouts for Grease and I'm trying out! I'm so EXCITED! Wish me luck and I'll update on what happens later!

much love!
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Saturday, January 26, 2008
Homecoming 07-08
was eh.. alright... could have been better but could have been worse... not really worth the 81 dollars however... but you win some and you loose some. I hung out with Alex the entire time and was occationally joined by Allie (my freshmen) and Jaqi and her boyfriend who was dressed up like a sith as our homecoming theme was Star Wars and our class (the JUNIORS) was the Sith (cuz you all know you wanna join the dark side cuz we have cookies baby!). that was fun. kinda one of the let down parts was tht I didn't really get to see my friend who went and it was the last dance that we would be both going to. I guess it just is that we aren't as close as we used to be. It's rather sad, but I guess it happens. After all he has his friends and I have mine, and they're from, rather, completely different circles, for the most part.

Alex and I went to BJ's afterwords and had these simply to DIE FOR Pazookies (a big hot and gooey chocolate chip cookies with vanilia ice cream on top) and talked and talked for quite a long time about alot. It was probaby the best part of the night. After all I rather be hanging out with my friends than my friend's friends.

I guess you could say it wasn't the best night I've had and the dances this year seem to be quite huge let downs from what I had hoped them to be since later year's where the most fun I had ever had. But it happens I guess, some friends drift that you wish could stay colse to you forever and others come in close to your heart just when you need them. But I guess that's just how life works.

At least I didn't have to deal with any drama! : )
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Thursday, January 24, 2008
Colds suck.... even when you get to stary home from school and read Harry Potter and NOT go to class.... colds really suck. You feel horrible, your nose is so stuffed up that you can hardly breathe... sleeping in?? oh no.... because you keep waking up about every fifteen minutes so you just give up. Gah... I hate colds... and this is like my fourth one this winter... not cool.

For an ironic twist on my day I did watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off, which put me in a rebelious mood so I had some chocolate milk with my lunch instead of water or milk or OJ. Amazing the depths I will go to satisfy my inner teenage rebelous need.

I do have chior practice tonight except my head is clogged up I can't even talk in the right pitch... let alone sing. So I guess I'll just be sitting in the back with Sidney for the enitre service. Pity... =D

More happy news for me! Homecoming is THIS weekend. Went out and baought my dress and it is in fact very cute, but my head is so conjested! I just hope that it'll go away befor saturday. I can't have my head throbbing while I'm doing the cha cha slide now can I???

Well... all I really have to say for today is.... COLDS SUCK... a lot.
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Friday, January 11, 2008
gah i'm starving...
stupid bagel takes forever to cook... gah....


it has come to be i have another NEW favorite movie! YAY!!! It is very exciting.

what movie has stollen my heart you ask?

Well Pirates 3 no doubt, which i was able to see for the first time over winter break!


in fact i've been so inspired that i have created a banner to display my love of this wonderful movie and is now displayed on my Harry Potter RPG site snitchseeker.com : D (i'm obessed deal with it)

Isn't that pretty??? well i love it.

and now my bagel is DONE! YAY! so I shall leave you for the time being and be back later.


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Friday, January 4, 2008

the weather here is insane...

you can't go outside without getting blown over.

the power was out eaalier for at least four hours.
and since I'm addicted to the computer... well... it wasn't fun... i was bored out of my mind! I even tried doing a puzzle. That didn't go so well either... eh.

Well at least the wind and rain has died down.

Maybe i'll take a nap.
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